I'm new here so apologies if this is the wrong forum but this is an odd problem so it wasn't clear where to go.

At some point today Google Chrome started redirecting all http requests to localhost (I get the test page from my local Apache install). https works fine, as does Firefox

I was playing around with some network settings trying to get Android USB tethering to work so it's possible, even likely, I broke something, although otherwise everything seems to be working fine. Also, prior to this problem arising I accepted an update to Google Chrome so that may be an issue instead or as well but I've searched and haven't found any reports of anyone else experiencing this.

Some things I have done or examined to try to track this down:
uninstalled and purged and reinstalled Google Chrome (23.0.1271.95 stable)
trimmed all but the minimum from my hosts file (it only has an entry for as localhost)
resolv.conf has three nameserver entries for DNS servers

I mostly use Firefox but there are some work-related tasks that I need to use Chrome for so I need to figure this out but it's out of my league.

Any ideas? Thanks