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Thread: Ressurecting an OS

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    Ressurecting an OS

    I have a windows 7 HDD/OS that I've been working on repairing from a BSOD. I have fixed the bad sectors and made the file system recognizable with testdisk. The HDD was previously unmountable and the windows 7 OS, instead of being listed as OS, was listed as "Unknown" which test disk has also fixed. Now, how do I format the other partitions so that it boots properly into the fixed windows 7 OS partition?

    Here is what I'm looking at

    and here is the only HDD (with a working OS) I have for comparison.

    Note that it is linux, so it may be different from how windows 7 partitions are set up.

    I believe the original partitions were overwritten for recovery purposes. How should I format "Dell Utility and "RECOVERY" so that my windows 7 boots properly?

    I know it's possible to do this. Please refrain from suggesting "Forget it. Just recover data, wipe, and reinstall OS". That's lazy.

    Thank you in advance.
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