I am using ubuntu for several years now for work and leisure on both desktops and laptops. Recently I installed lubuntu on an older laptop (Dell inspiron 1501 with a single core AMD Sempron 3600+ processor and 2GB memory). I am facing problems with network connections, file sharing and DVD playback.

Network: I couldn't figure out how to configure the wired network connection. I can configure the wired connection using the network connections gui, but I can't get the adapter to connect while the wireless adapter is working (that one works well).

file sharing: I couldn't figure out how to get file sharing to work. I installed and uninstalled samba and samba4 several times, following various instructions on the internet, but I can't get it to work. Currently I have samba installed (as far as I can tell from the installed packages visible in the synaptic package manager).

DVD Playback: several DVD's won't playback correctly and will freeze the whole system to the point where I have to pull the power plug. First I thought this is a hardware problem but the drive works fine when unsing puppy linux from a pendrive.

What I could need is some help diagnosing and hopefully solving these problems (one at a time of course). Top priority being the file sharing problem.

Thanks in advance.