I installed Ubuntu 12.10 a few days ago. It's running along side my Windows 7 install (i.e. duel boot).

I had a problem today... when I start Ubuntu none of the menus load (both the one along the top and the one on the left). I can open the terminal using ctrl+alt+t and also the ctr+alt+f? terminals.
The desktop icons are visible and I can right click. I created a file using right click, giving it a .htlm extension allowed me to open firefox.
The close, minimise and maximise buttons are not visible and instead of the hidden scroll bars they are now always visible. If I double click firefox's menu bar (I thought this should maximise) the program crashes instead. It also doesn't allow me to click and drag to resize.

This is my first serious attempt at using Ubuntu/Linux so I'm not very familiar with diagnosing/fixing what is wrong. Any help would be great. Thanks.