Hello All,

So recently I discovered that you can control which processor a certain thread has an affinity for through taskset. At least, I'm assuming it's a thread, right?

Either way, I have the game Heroes of Newerth and when you install it, it generates the executable binary hon-x86_64.

So at the terminal, I'll type:

tasket -c 3 ./hon-x86_64
and when I run

taskset -p <HoN's PID here>
I get that the affinity is for core 1, the 2nd core, and not the 4th. I can use

tasket -p 03 <HoN's PID here>
and then it'll finally be on the 4th core and stay there. But my question is, why does my initial taskset command not work? If I leave out the "./", it'll tell me there's no such file of directory as hon-x86_64 so it seems like I HAVE to execute it with taskset.