Has anyone ever heard of this distribution? It appears that the last release was back in 2009.

Has development just ceased? I was using this today to backup a couple files and found it to be a pleasure to work with, though I do have a few questions to bounce off somebody who might be able to help (there appears to be absolutely no documentation on this distro).

  1. Where is it saving the backups? Can I point to a directory for it to drop the files that I am backing up?
  2. Would I be able to stick the OS itself on one drive, and use another drive for the storage? Since I'll be backing up multiple users on our network, the more storage space I have for the backups itself, the better.
  3. If development has ceased, can anybody suggestion other tools to use to accomplish the same thing?

I really enjoyed being able to set up a machine running Windows 7 with it, creating a file and then doing a backup. I was able to then delete that file and restore it from the backup server. Really neat, if you ask me.

Anyways, thanks a lot!