I'm useing an old wine version 1.0.1 on ubuntu on a server.I'm running different programms under wine and one of this program is utorrent.Everything is ok but sometimes the icon utorrent disappered snd olso if i forced to stop utorrent closeing wine i cant see aagain the utorrent icon olso if i restart it the only way to seee it agin is restarting the server (i rest this server with ubuntu on).Who can help me tellimg me if there is a way to enter in a sort of task manager under ubuntu so taht i can kill all programms inside on wine infact i think that olso if i close wine somehow there is a programm that dont stp to run instead if i get in the task manager maybe i ill be able to kill everything so that i can restart utorrent getting back icon without restarting the server
Thank's in advance for your help