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    Live Boot Creator

    I am trying to make a liveboot usb of Linux Mint. I used the startup disk creator and it made an additional (unmountable) filesystem on my hard drive (Linux Mint MATE 64-bit) anyone know what it is and what it's for? I am trying to make a live boot, similar to a live boot CD but on a USB so it is read/write, not just read. What is the other file system for on my hard drive?

    Additionally, It won't boot from the USB drive. I choose Start Linux mint from the boot menu the screen goes grey for a moment, then nothing. The monitor is on (and getting a signal), but it will go no further than that. I do an integrity check and it shows 4 file errors, but I can't see seem as quickly as they pass by. if I use the same ISO for virtually, it works fine. any ideas what the problem is?
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