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Thread: Nvidia 6200 - Olevia 26" TV - DPMS Suspend

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    Re: Nvidia 6200 - Olevia 26" TV - DPMS Suspend

    I have no doubt it's the new 23" Olevia LT23HVX (Syntax brand) TV's fault (VGA EDID handshake info). The 6200 card has worked with a 17" princton 4:3 monitor over DVI just fine in 1280x1024 for years, even worked in a dual display setup with a panasonic 17" widescreen tv over VGA. That was long ago when my computers were in my bedroom so I don't remember which nvidia drivers I was using then. BUt then I moved all hardware downstairs and switched out the 6200 for an older MX440 so I could use the 6200 in an HTCP unit in the family room that never took shape.

    The problem with waiting for it to go into DPMS SUSPEND mode (which happens almost immediately) is that I can't do anything after that, not even go to other tty sessions. I will setup ssh in low screen res so when using the nvidia driver and it goes into DPMS SUSPEND, i will at least be able to ssh in and get the log file.

    When I got the new TV from my dad, I swaped out the old MX440 again for the GeForce 6200 because I thought I would get a better resolution on the TV. Maybe I should try the MX440 with the Nvidia 96.43 again just to see what sort of resolution I can get from it.

    BUT, I will do as NikTH suggested first and also add the ModeDebug" option that BiclyclerBoy suggested.

    PS I forgot to mention that last night I tried read-edid | parse-edid and it didn't give me any usedful information and said the data waas probably corrupt. I'll run it again tonight and post the actual output.
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