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It would help to have some more diagnostics, because up to now I've made assumptions based on how you've described what happened. e.g. you mentioned Wubi, but that's not always clear cut because it has a different set of options when it loads from a DVD as opposed to running it standalone. Since 12.04 it won't offer to install 'inside Windows' - which is what most people refer to as Wubi.

So that's why I'd like the bootinfoscript results. In order to boot from the Ubuntu DVD you have to change the boot order, no matter what sort of boot techniques you are using. I'd use just the Ubuntu DVD you have, not boot-repair until we know what is going on.

The issue with UEFI, is that it supports both UEFI boot as well as legacy boot (similar to BIOS). It's not clear what setup you have either. I made some more assumptions because Wubi won't work on a UEFI system.

So... maybe you can clear up a few things before booting the Ubuntu CD. From Windows, hit the Start button, type "Add or remove" and hit enter. That should get you to the Control Panel's "Uninstall or change a program" screen. Look down the list and see if there is an Ubuntu entry as shown in attached image.

What this tells us is that you did use Wubi - either a traditional install, or as a "CD boot helper".
I have checked there is no ubuntu in the programmes, I have also reloaded the original 12.04 disc and re installed Ubuntu using that, it made no difference, there still is no Ubuntu in programmes.In disc management my Hard drive now shows two extra Volumes/partition of the right size. Now despite watching the installation saying that it was installing Grub 2,and then updating it. it does not appear to be there. I boot straight into Win 7. Last night I went to that link and downloaded the ubuntu 64 bit remix. It said that it was 797 MB but only came as 760MB, tried that, it also made no difference. The only oddity is that on the motherboard in the Bios Features it had a Boot mode selector, with Boot to UEFIand Legacy outlined, the next two lines were Uefi and the Legacy only options ,Not wanting to change too much I left it at UEFIand Legacy.
Regards Cliff.