I recently upgraded from Xp to Windows 8 on my desktop and, long story short, I sent windows 8 back to Microsoft for a refund.

Now, of course, I have to uninstall my copy of Win 8. Hardmode: my DVD drive crapped out during the month I was using windows 8, and I don't have a USB fob handy.

I've installed Ubuntu 12.10 via Wubi, and it seems to be installed in a strange sort of virtual drive. Dual-boot and all that work just fine, but I want to nuke windows 8 and use ubuntu exclusively.

Can this be done from within the linux environment? I'd like to do it pretty soon (sooner than it takes to order a DVD drive or USB fob), as my copy of (and license to) Win8 are currently En-Route to the Money-Back Guarantee processing center, and I don't want a WGA-type ping to fudge my refund.

My DVD drive is broken, and I don't have another machine for a network install. I want to use ubuntu exclusively, and I have nothing of value on the physical drive that holds Ubuntu and Windows8. Can it be done?