have'm building a computer within the next few weeks, and I'm finishing up the last few things. I want to have Linux and Windows available. I originally was going to go with only Ubuntu, but then I realized it would be easier to run games and stuff from Windows. I bought a 90GB SSD for a boot drive, this is big enough for windows, but it isn't preferred. What I want to do is have Windows on the HDD and Linux on the SSD. I want to install Windows on the SSD first and then replace it with Linux so that I don't have to install the drivers, which worked on my other computer. Then I want to install Windows on the HDD. The HDD is 2TB so I want to partition 1TB to Windows and Windows files, and the other 1TB to Ubuntu files. This may not e described very well, if it isn't then I'll clarify it on when I'm on my computer.