I have more questions ha.

1. On the X9DR7-LN4F can the LSI 2308 SAS controller be put / flashed into IT mode?

2. If not is this a problem for OpenIndiana?

3. If I store my media on the RAIDz2 that OpenIndiana controls, and use Ubuntu with MythTV for a media backend to stream media from the RAIDz2 to other PC’s on my LAN, to which VM do I pass the NIC to, Ubuntu, OpenIndiana, both?

4. What size PSU would you recommend and any particular brand / model?

5. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that with RAIDz2 6 or 10 disks are preferred. Is this true and why? I would like to start with 4 disks and add 4 at a time due to cost, but will use sets of 6 disks if there is a valid reason.

6. Anyone got any tips / hints or guides for my project?