Dear community members,

first, I would like to apologize if I posted the message in wrong place.
I have the following hardware (ASRock): Intel Atom 330 + Nvidia Ion, which I used solely for home theater purpose via Ubuntu 9.10 + XBMC. Actually it worked perfectly until last week, when hard disk died and now I have an issue with fresh installation. So far I tried two options:

1. Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS + xbmc. Installation was easy, including Nvidia 304 driver. However I cannot watch HD movies using either VLC and XBMC because of low performance despite activated (in XBMC) VDPAU.

2. Ubuntu 9.10. Even I was able to install all updates, still neither Nvidia driver nor XBMC can be installed.

So, I would appreciate if you can pointed out best solution for my purposes taking into account my hardware.

Now I'm considering to turn to Kubuntu or Lubuntu. Or should I try something else?

Thank you in advance!