Hi all,
I pay for 3Mbps service at my home, but it seems I never get that, or anything close. I have DSL, that connects to a zhone modem, then to a belkin N type router. whether I am on ethernet, or on wifi, I cna expect to get 300kbps tops. This doesnt change even if I ditch the router, and connect directly to the modem.

I have tried the speed test services, which all state that I am getting ~2.7Mbps. Although that is clearly not the case. The only thing I can think of is that the modem is giving incorrect information about the speed.
Whats more, is I cannot access the Modem (provided by the ISP). The information in the user manual is incorrect, the manual states that the IP should be but it is actually even after reset. So far I am unable to login to the modem to check the settings.

Does anyone have any input? I am thinking about buying a modem/ wireless router in one. I am very sketched out that there is hardware in my house that I cannot get into. Has anyone had similar issues with thier DSL modems, or service providers?