Hi all, and thanks in advance for your comments:

I'm currently using Ubuntu 12.04, and quite happy with it. I'm using the Unity desktop, and I've got no major complaints.

My problem/question is:

I've been reading on the news, forums, and different websites that the new version in 12.10, which i'll eventually have to upgrade to if I plan on using Ubuntu, has a lens/amazon function on the dash that sends queries to amazon. Now, this disturbs me a bit, since I don't want to see "shopping recommendations" everytime I look for something, be they from amazon or from "future partners".

Does this new "function" only apply to the Unity desktop? If I switch to the Xfce desktop, will I be able to "save myself" from sending search data to amazon and/or shopping recommendations from them? Or will I have to entirely switch distributions, in order to evade this?

Again, many thanks in advance for your comments and/or help.