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Thread: a disk error has occurred

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    a disk error has occurred

    Okay so here is the deal. I am a somewhat average computer user, and today I've stumbled at a dead end.
    Last night, I left a program running which finished this morning, what program Ill refrain from posting because it is irrelevant. Now I had VLC + 2 Folders open, and I was watching James Bond the Golden Finger .
    This morning, the computer was at its worst, so I figured Ill turn if off completely and let it cool off. Its a somewhat average computer for its age.
    Well when I turned it back on:
    a disk error has occurred
    That is what it keeps saying.
    Thus I am here, because I was able to run ubuntu from an old experiment I had on a CD. It seems to work after a couple of tries but originally it too was a pain in the rear.
    I really need to fix this as my harddrive is completely fine. I accessed it through Ubuntu and backed up anything that was required. Now I am here begging for help to fix an issue with Win7 on a linux based OS forum... I dont know where else to go

    Okay I think I see something relevant. My HDD is partitioned into C & D, C being win7 files and etc, and D being my own. Well in Ubuntu I only see the D partition.
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