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    Re: Nebulous November Screenshots

    Last screenshot of the month... and probably my last dual-monitor screenshot since I'm taking the desktop with me up north while I'm on winter vacation.

    Full-size screenshots here:

    It was time for a change of pace, though a little quicker than usual for me. I'm sticking with anime, this time I'm going with "Angel Beats!". The wallpapers, once again, are ones I custom made myself, using mostly screenshots straight from the Full HD version of the anime, mixed with logos and a character image or two. I did make 2 more wallpapers, and will be working on probably another right around winter break. So for now, this is my last screenshot for the month.

    Note... Angel Beats! is also the source of this Windows spoof:

    Computer: Desktop
    Distro: Kubuntu 12.04.1 64-bit
    Desktop Environment: KDE Plasma 4.9.3 (from kubuntu-backports PPA)
    Plasma Theme: Amakage (from KDE-Look)
    Window Theme: Oxygen Transparent (from KDE-Look)
    Color Scheme: Obsidian Wine (modified from Obsidian Coast)
    Left Wallpaper: custom-made Angel Beats! "Gun-toting Yuri" (16:9 version)
    Right Wallpaper: custom-made Angel Beats! "Piano Light Tenshi" (16:10 version)
    Icons: Oxygencolors v5.2 (Red Glass color)
    Dock: Docky ... features include: Anchor logo removed using gconf, Custom launchers for ROSA Launcher widget, Plasma Activities, Dolphin, and link to my Zelda fanfiction... all with custom icons, all pre-made before dropping into Docky
    Special Features: Dual displays, ROSA Launcher
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Don't like Unity? Hate it? Not your cup of coffee? Ubuntu does provide choices. There's GNOME Shell, KDE Plasma, Xfce, LXDE, and now MATE and Cinnamon. Take your pick


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