I can't help you to author the advanced security guide for Ubuntu.

I do agree that I am going overboard with security again, but this is my nature and I am going to proceed.

I just modified my IP Tables using GUFW so I have all of the ports and protocols configured the way that I need them to work for my specific usage case. This should be the remaining steps that I need to take to harden and secure my Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit installation from the basic security guide. The next thing that I am going to work on is Novell AppArmor profiles on Friday afternoon. I plan to look at Bodhi Zazen's custom Novell AppArmor profiles along with yours and Rookcifer.

Expect a lot of questions and I need lots of help and support.

I know that my Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit installation is very secure right now. I am very safe from most attackers because well nobody is targeting me for an attack to my knowledge. I monitor my logs and my network traffic from my router to my Ubuntu.

Indulge me by continuing to post replies and suggestions. Expect me to continue my hardening process over the next two weeks.