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Thread: My Trash Can Missing

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    My Trash Can Missing

    Previously my trash can will be in the desk top. Later I installed Tamil keyboard, and the keyboard switch Icon taken the place of my Trash can. Since that that day, I could not locate the can. I want to restore some files which I deleted earlier. I am using ubuntu 10.04.

    Those who help to restore my trash can, can share the contents

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: My Trash Can Missing

    The trash is at ~/.local/share/Trash, hidden in your home. If you open up nautilus then hit Ctrl+L and type trash:/// in the box it will take yo to the trashbox from where you can use the right click and Restore option. You can even make a link to it on the desktop by right clicking then with command nautilus trash:/// in the box you fill in manually.

    It should, however, be an option in gconf-editor, which you can install if it is not already installed, and then go to apps->nautilus->desktop where you can select to show the icon and the name it should use.
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