Before I get started on the problem I would like to state that I am running 12.10, I have 2 monitors(Left monitor 60hz HP/Right monitor 120hz Acer), and that I am currently not home right now but I will help out with whatever I can before I get home at 2:30 PM EST. I would also like to state that I have looked to see if anyone else have had this issue to no avail. Maybe I am just not looking hard enough but its got to the point where I just want to post it and get it over with.

Ok, so I am not having that many problems but here are the issues:


- I would start playing and after about 30 mins the whole OS locks up. Everything stops moving and I can't use any keyboard commands but I can hear everything(IE The game, skype, etc.). After rebooting the computer this doesn't happen for the full length of me playing the game. But say I would stop playing, log out, decide an hour later to play again. The problem would occur.

- After closing the program sometimes I lose full functionality of my right screen. There is nothing I can do to bring it back besides reboot the machine.

Obviously I don't want this to happen. Because say I am leveling by myself get off and then my friend calls me to get on and play but in the middle of an instance my game freezes and I have to reboot. Frustrating.


- This is only able to run with the emulated virtual desktop. I am fine with that but when it runs in a virtual desktop I can leave the window by going to the left of the screen which in turn I can click out of the game, which is bad if I am in a team fight etc. I can just click back into the window but i need to be able to move the screen left without having to go back and forth between screens.

I would like to know if there is a way to make it not able to leave the screen.

Off Hand

- All games want to load on my primary monitor. I would like them to load on my right/secondary monitor. It looks better if the Dashbar is on the left side of the left screen instead of the left side of the right screen putting it in the middle of everything. This is more of just a pet peeve but if anyone can help with this that would be great.

If you need any other information. Please just ask. I will provide what I can.

Thanks for all help in advance.