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Thread: Blackbird theme text fading issue

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    Question Blackbird theme text fading issue

    I really like the blackbird theme on XFCE, but I cant really use it because it only turns some of the backgrounds to the dark grey/black. Sometimes I get the light grey text over a light background, this usually happens in search fields or Ubuntu software Center. The weird part is, only some text is light grey, and some of it is black. Any idea of how to fix this? This theme has never worked, straight from install, on both 12.04 and 12.10

    (I know this is GNOME 3, I'm messing around with it, but the symptoms are the same)

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    Re: Blackbird theme text fading issue

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    Re: Blackbird theme text fading issue

    By try-and-error i found a workaround for this problem.

    Start terminal and change to
    Then edit the file "settings.ini" (I recommend to backup it prior to this.)
    sudo leafpad settings.ini
    Find the entry
    I changed it to

    This seems to be a good compromise, because the menu items in the software center use the same color. So they won't be readable if you change to darker values.

    Save the file. Then change to the Blackbird theme...
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