My mother would like me to sort out a new device for here and I am pondering:

Android Tablet

The reason I ask on a Linux forum is that I am running Linux and currently support her on her Windows XP netbook using TeamViewer. I'd like to be able to support her remotely on her future device. She'd like a tablet but I can see drawbacks:

  • Storage - a tablet is likely to only have 16 or 32 gb. How do I ensure she has all her stuff to hand?
  • Remote support - this is probably the deal-breaker. Are there any remote access tools for controlling tablets? I certainly can't find any.
  • Applications - Probably not a huge problem as I am sure there are android apps that will edit Word and Excel, which is about all she needs
  • user interface - Obviously this is very different (and may be part of the reason I can't find remote control options).

One thing I did think it that I could upload all her stuff to the Cloud (maybe an upgraded DropBox account) and get her using the Google applications. Maybe getting her to mail me screenshots of issues she may be having as a way around the lack of remote control software, if that is possible.

Or I could just sort her out with a new laptop.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

--- Alistair.