I own an Aleutia "Tango" low power PC. It uses an Intel Atom CPU N2800 @1.86GHz processor. I know there are Linux issues with the "Cedar Trail" graphics on this hardware but I have been able to run Ubuntu 12.04 using the VESA graphics driver.

I wanted to try out Ubuntu 12.10 so I created a live USB under 12.04 but I am unable to get this to boot. It gets as far as the Grub screen but after that the monitor shuts down. I have tried the F6 "nomodeset" option but that doesn't make any difference. The live USB stick works fine on another PC with a Intel Atom CPU N270.

I have found some information here but so far nothing which explains the 12.10 boot behaviour.

Aleutia have acknowledged that there are issues with this hardware but so far I haven't had any solid information or advice from them. I shall keep on trying but in the meantime does anyone here have any knowledge/advice on this subject?

Thanks in advance.