I have three NIC's on my box two wired and one wireless. The wireless one connects to my router and provides me the internet. Recently I pick up a side job doing some software development and I have a Windows laptop I need to work on. So I though wouldn't it be great to hook it to one of the wired Ethernet ports and VNC to do the work. As I get the dhcp server working to assign it and set up the eth0 with a static ip. The dhcp works fine after I got all that figure out. However I can't seem to ping the laptop. The VNC connection strangely enough works though. I have the gateway on the eth0 NIC set to . If I don't do it this way all the internet traffic routes to the eth0 and I have no internet. So this seems like a really minor problem who's underlying cause might be a big problem. Especially since I would eventual like to set up a shared network drive.

What is the way to fix this small or not so small detail I am getting wrong?