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Thread: System Log Viewer, Alert Box

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    System Log Viewer, Alert Box

    I am trying to write a shell script (.sh) to search the log files for any occurrences of entries with the tags "attackalert" or "UFW BLOCK". The following is an excerpt of what I have worked out:

    tail -f /var/log/messages | grep "attackalert\|UFW BLOCK" | xargs -I {} dialog --ascii-lines --infobox "PortSentry  Alert: The system logs indicate one or more port scans were launched  against this computer since this script was last executed. See [the log]  for details.\n" 7 80
    Some other things of note: This script gets executed with root privileges. It runs as a cron job, every 15 minutes. My goal is, if the grep command returns results, a pop-up on the screen displays the text that I tried to display with "dialog". It seems that dialog only invokes the terminal for a GUI, and if one is not found, it doesn't show anything. Help?
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