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Thread: Ralink 3062 wifi speed problems

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    Ralink 3062 wifi speed problems


    Since I've changed my DSL router by a Comtrend AR-5387UN, my wifi connection has slowed down dramatically.

    I've measured the speed in the same place with two laptops, one lubuntu and one windows 7, and the result was twice of my pc connection.

    My wifi card has a Ralink 3062 chipset and I'm using Ubuntu 12.04, which loads rt2800pci as driver module. For compatibility reasons with one of this laptops, the wifi works in 54g mode. I also notice that if the the wifi bandwith is fixed (12, 36, 48 or 54 for instance), and not automatic, it blocks the connection in my pc but not in the others.

    With same pc and connection bandwith but different router, I hadn't have these problems.

    Any idea/suggestion ? Thanks in advance!

    EDIT 1

    I've been playing around with every possible router configuration and disabling the pc's firewall, but the situation still persists. Definetely, I think it's something related with a poor driver implementation...
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