I currently have a HTC Desire, which i am hopefully going to upgrade to a Galaxy S2, in the very near future.
I also have a 16gb 2nd Gen ipod
A 32gb HP Touchpad
A Kindle with no keyboard or touch screen
And A HP Touchsmart Tm2 1010ea

Im considering grabbing a 64gb blackberry playbook for £129. Which i think seems like a very good price. I know that andoid apps can be played on it which is a hug bonus plus ive found a guy who has run ios apps on it, which is pretty cool.

My Question is should i get the playbook and do you have any uses for it or any of my tech. I did think of getting a sports armband for my HTC then use it like orion's computer out of Chuck.

Also if i had the money i would buy a Fully rugged getac laptop with an intel i7 2.66ghz (dont know wat gen) 8gb, 15.6" screen nvidia 330m 1gb graphics, 1tb HDD and its also touchscreen.

I am grateful for any help in my dilema