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Thread: Empathy doesn't focus when I click notification

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    Question Empathy doesn't focus when I click notification

    On Ubuntu 12.10 and Unity, when I get a new IM it shows up in the notification menu (top right). When I click on the chat item (i.e. the person's name) I expect Empathy (which is already running) to come to the foreground with the new chat window focused. But it doesn't. All that happens is the empathy icon on the launcher (right side) does the little pop-out attention-getting thing, which seems useless since it's already obviously got my attention. And the notification gets cleared. But shouldn't Empathy come to the front when I click on the notification? Anybody else have this problem? Am I missing something or is this a bug? EDIT: Empathy DOES focus if I already have an active chat tab open for the person who just IM'd me. If they do not already have an active chat window, it does create the chat window in the background when I click the notification, but Empathy does not focus.
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