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Every situation is different; most businesses I have as clients prefer buying at retail. I usually suggest otherwise due to cost savings and other factors but if that's what they prefer, then so be it. I have one client in particular that will only buy Dell computers from the local Staples store. They do not get any special perks from Dell nor Staples. It's just their preference.

As for me, A client asked me to take on a project that needed a fast turnaround, so buying the software (Dreamweaver CS4) at retail was the only option due to time. At that time the software worked fine on XP, but after having certified it on Vista, I upgraded only to find the bug. Adobe acknowledged the bug but never fixed it, and the only solution was to upgrade to CS5.
Don't you have Wholesalers, OEM Partners, and Business Partners for the likes of IBM, MSFT, Dell, Lenovo etc etc etc in your locale?