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Thread: Browser fonts turned ugly after adding KDE to Ubuntu 12.04

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    Browser fonts turned ugly after adding KDE to Ubuntu 12.04

    I posted this to the Desktops forum but didn't get any ideas so I'm trying again here.

    I love Ubuntu's ability to add different desktop options at login. I am, however, disappointed that different desktops can step on one another. Mostly it's been small stuff like the boot screen changing to reflect whatever was the most recent desktop added.

    After I logged back into Unity (my normal home) from a session in KDE in which I examined the KDE appearance settings, the fonts in Firefox, Chrome and Thunderbird are all different and a bit ugly. The system fonts for Unity are fine but these apps appear to have lost anti aliasing. I'm no font expert, but that is my guess. I have verified that Firefox's font settings are all defaults.

    I've uploaded a screen shot of Firefox so hopefully that will work and you can see the problem. You can best see the problem in the text I've written.

    Can anyone tell me what's happened and what I can do to fix it? This is a 12.04 machine that had no graphic issues before the KDE session. There must be something common to the apps that has been altered.

    My eyes will be grateful for any help.
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