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Thread: slow network speed

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    slow network speed

    Hey guys, I've posted about this before a couple years ago so I figured I'd post again as I now have a newer computer with Ubuntu12.10 installed. My issue is that my network connection speed is only a fraction of what is expected. I recently ran a net speed test on my roomate's laptop(winxp) resulting in an up/dn speed of 2.8mbps/2.1mbps and on my PS3 up/dn of 3.2/2.8 and yet, on my Ubuntu machine with a toshiba 500GB HD and 4GB RAM, It's very rare that get an up/dn of 500kb/300kbs. Below are images of my connection information, results from ethtool and ifconfig. Any help with making the connection speed even an inkling faster would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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