I am really pleased with the new Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit which seems to run a lot smoother on my desktop machine, so first I want so say thank you for the good job developing Ubuntu!

However, I'm having a problem booting the machine up: When I switch on the machine or reboot the system, it get's to where the Ubuntu splash-screen should appear, but then the screen shuts of and the computer gets stuck. After I switch of the machine and switch it on again, all works fine. I need to say, that after the reboot the Grub loading screen appears and when I select the normal "Ubuntu"-option, it asks me for the decryption password I entered while installing. After I enter and confirm this, all works fine. So basically, the 1st try always fails, but when I select Ubuntu from the Grub loader at the 2nd attempt, all works fine.

Once up and running really everything is working perfectly. But the boot-reboot-procedure really is annoying.

Does anyone know about this problem or do you need more information?

Thanks in advance, I hope this is the right place to ask