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Thread: Ubuntu and the asus zenbook (UX31)

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    Re: Ubuntu and the asus zenbook (UX31)

    Quote Originally Posted by hatsch View Post
    has anyone successfully sent such a zenbook in for repair?
    Me. Twice. First time I got my cooler & mainboard changed and BIOS updated (downdated?) to UX21E.210. Ran the first week without any problem, then the issue came up again. With both the ASUS preinstalled windows 7 and ubuntu 12.10. So I sent it for repair once again. I got my mainboard changed once again, this time I got new battery as well. The automatic check log I got claimed something about "battery error" and "no power". I have it 5 days now, no shutdowns whatsoever. I'll report here if the issue appears again.

    For the record, I am running UX21E with ELANTECH touchpad, I always update my BIOS to latest (2.13 at the time of writing), I am also using the power tweaks from the wiki.
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