windows computer got the BSOD and so I decided to switch to ubuntu (12.10) and I installed it via USB so my intention was to install ubuntu and then delete windows 7 and re-install windows 7..I downloaded a ISO file of the Windows 7 Installation Disc (32-bit and Home Premium) and put it on another when I went to change the boot wouldn't let my into my BIOS or boot took me straight to GRUB..I then got VirtualBox to try and install windows through that..when I got to the install part it said two was "Disk 0 Partition 1 Unallocated Space 100MB" and number two was "Disk 0 Partition 1 Reserved" and was 25GB which I assumed had ubuntu on it (since I gave Ubuntu 30GB when I was installing it)..I couldn't install it on the first option because it was 100MB and I don't know why it wouldn't show any other drives..and I didn't install it on number two because I thought it had ubuntu on I went to OS-Uninstaller and made it uninstall windows 7 and when it completed..I formatted the C drive (it was ntfs and said WINDOWS so that's the one I deleted) but not my D drive which said Data..but when I went back to my VirtualBox it still said the same two options and I was really now ubuntu is really slow and when I restarted my computer..I can't enter the BIOS,Ubuntu is slow and gets errors starting up but eventually gets into the OS and when it does its slow,I can't start up VirtualBox due to some error and when I start up Gparted (which I used to format/do anything with my drives) it has red exclamation marks besides there name and I can't do anything..please help somehow I just want to completely format my entire computer including ubuntu and get access to the BIOS so I can change the boot order and install windows 7 again..somebody help please