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    flash / quicktime/ websites rendering

    This post is not a request for help, merely an observation for folks new to Linux/Ubuntu/UbuntuCE.

    This first post is about "flash" video only, subsequent comments in the thread will address Qicktime

    To keep things simple, this author is involved with working with various kinds of websites within which the author views and/or works within "video".

    An example being that of a video of a training session for a new hire.

    The "stock" UCE does, indeed, show flash videos for most sites given that Privoxy does not find flagged terms, etc.

    In other words, it will display YouTube, advertising, etc. flash.

    Concerning this post:

    The Ubuntu restriced extras are enabled by default and that is usually about all one can do, in terms of viewing video.

    The problem arises when one is dealing with a website which is especially chary of allowing anyone to download the video; mainly because of the cutthroat approach to DRM when big money is involved.

    In most of the cases for a "problem" website, it will display "part of" the video and not "the rest" of the video.

    In most cases there is coding which produces the appearance of what might be termed a "mask" which covers part of the video.

    The amount of the mask is usually partial, covering one side or the bottom, depending upon whether the view is "standard" or "full screen".

    Since the author is not privy to the why, but can only speculate, one would assume that the "mask" is there to obfuscate the various flash apps on the website to fool downloader apps as to what is the real video and also to place a blocker on the video if it detects a download.

    As stated previously, UCE provides all of the Ubuntu Restricted Extras and that is about all that can be provided given the particular release of the OS.

    Since Flash is updated on almost a daily basis, if the upstream codecs, etc. have not "been adapted" to the latest, greates, enabling DRM flash, then there is not much that the developers of UCE or stock Ubuntu can do to rectify the situation.

    This author has viewed the sites using Gnash and the other open source viewers and all have the same result.

    So, this is not the "fault" of UCE, it is just the situation when one is working with DRM/closed source/proprietary stuff.

    Adobe has basically said that they will not "support" Flash as a crossplatform thing.

    The following link is provided for those new to Linux and not the "old hands".

    But, basically one is told to use Google Chrome OS.

    Just using the stock, provided, Chromium Browser in UCE will not fix the situation.

    So, this author will continue to fiddle with the situation and if any developer wishes to address it, please feel free to so do.

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