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Thread: Trying to get Infiniband to work

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    Trying to get Infiniband to work

    Hi all,

    I have two Mellanox infiniband cards, one on my Win 7 PC and one of my Ubuntu 12.04 64bit PCs. I have been following these instructions ( I got up to:
    Then add the relevant entries for the interface into /etc/network/interfaces file: auto ib0 iface ib0 inet static address netmask
    However when I try to restart the service it says it cannot find the ib0 device. The kernel recognises it:
    05:00.0 Memory controller: Mellanox Technologies MT25208 [InfiniHost III Ex HCA Flash Recovery] (rev a0)
    . However is it not listed in ifconfig.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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