Hi all,
I am an intermediate user, which means I know just enough to get myself into trouble... I have borked my Ubuntu 12.04 graphics environment somehow playing with Virtualbox. I can boot into text mode and everything works fine, but startx fails to start correctly and it won't boot at all in graphics mode. I have a lot of customization, so I am trying to avoid re-installing the OS and hoping to remove all GUI [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue ! important]desktop[/COLOR][/COLOR] environments and re-install from scratch in hopes that takes care of my problem. I have tried to do that, but need a lifeline. I have run apt-get purge for the following programs:
xorg, unity, unity-common, gdm (I had Gnome 3 installed).

Now when I run startx, it still loads a portion of the desktop so obviously I have not removed everything to strip it all the way down to text only.

Any words of wisdom from one of you gurus?