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    Quote Originally Posted by sabrefresco View Post
    1) 12.04
    2) SAMSUNG
    3) NP700Z5C-S04US

    Everything works except for the following:
    • Keyboard backlit fN keys and the backlighting itself, all other fN keys work
    • No drivers for GT640M, tried Bumblebee 3.0 and that did not work
    • Fans run at almost max at idle or moderate CPU load and temps are 65-70C at idle
    • Some multitouch gestures do not work, the RMB physical key on the touchpad does not work

    Sleep/wake works with no problems. Battery life is terrible on Ubuntu(around 3-4hrs, compared to 6-7hrs on Win7 for me)
    Tried Ubuntu 12.10 recently. The backlit keyboard now works and can be activated and controlled from the fN keys (previous I had to change the brightness/switch on-or-off the keyboard backlighting before the bootloader loaded; now works from the OS itself).

    The remaining problems still persist. The multitouch problem is not a big deal and the fact that the RMB physical key doesn't work is actually a good thing because it gives you a similar experience to the Apple's trackpad (compared to Windows where clicking the trackpad near the RMB region is actually a right-click, which is annoying and cannot be disabled)
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