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    I don't know much yet

    Hi, all
    I've been using Ubuntu (now, Lubuntu) for a number of years now. It is a great tribute, in a way, to the distro that I have't learned much- it just works.
    My problem is this: sometimes, when I post, an answer is posted which I can implement easily. At others, the answer consists of multiple lines of code and instruction which leave me bewildered. Often, my attempt to solve a problem this way fails-obviously, I am doing something wrong.
    Can anyone recommend a kind of Ubuntu for beginners who want to learn more?
    The documentation is very clear indeed.
    Other stuff, I just don't understand yet.
    My perception (which of course, may be wrong) is that there's nothing in between information for complete beginners and for those who are already very comfortable with the command line.
    I know this isn't at all urgent- but are there any suggestions, please?
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