Hi All -

I have a Ubuntu 12.10 server in my basement, and I use a Windows (I know, I know) machine as my primary desktop. I typically do all of my access through XMing, launching any needed X Windows app through a remote gnome-terminal window.

Instead of launching everything through the command line, I thought it might be kind of cool to run a simple X based application launcher off to the side so I can quickly launch applications I typically use, such as a terminal, or any X based programs I want to launch (a small GUI similar to the Unity app launcher would be nice). Does anyone have any recommendations that I could try?

As a note, I couldn't seem to find a way to launch the unity style launcher and have it work through XMing, so I'm looking for something simpler. Docky seemed to require too much as well, since the dbus-launch seemed to create an entire desktop instead of just the simple launcher.

Thanks for any tips you all may have!