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Well bu99er my taytors !!

Small world mate.

Yay .. The Amiga crew finding it's way over here hehe.

Actually I may have more posts than you here but iirc it was you (or Stan) that helped me out when I first installed Debian on my AmigaOne ?


Haha, yes it is! I'm STILL wanting to come over for a few ales - fresh from the tap, UK style

My brother was always the more technical one than me. If I gave you two pointers, he gave you 200!

I've only just gotten back into Linux (at his behest ), can't believe I had dropped it entirely past few years. Beautiful OS. Tried getting back into Amiga this year, but OS is too flakey, unfortunately. When my brother comes back down in a couple of weeks, he wants to install Debian on the A4000. Hope it's a successful install!

The family well?