I bought an external usb-2.5" sata adapter from ebay, and installed a 1TB drive on it to use as a backup medium and data transfer between computers. Works 100% on windows computers.

Problem: I cannot use the hdd on 2 of my linux computers. The other is running ubuntu 12.04, other has xubuntu 12.04. This laptop with xubuntu also has windows installed, and on windows the hdd works.
First of all, i tried to create an ntfs partition on my other linux box. Partition created ok, but after copying some files into it it got messed and would no longer work. So, I created the partition on my windows computer.. No problems there. Can write & read as many times as I care and it works. But, plug it onto a linux box, and after some time of use it gets messed up. First time chkdsk on windows was able to correct it (some files got corrupt in the process) but on second try nothing short of repartitioning would fix it.

After the first reformat I only used it on my windows computers (been a few months after that..) but yesterday I wanted to try it again on a linux computer, to see if maybe some patch had fixed the problem. Copied some 20gb of files into the hdd, which seemed to go ok, but after hooking up the drive to a windows computer it now seems it's messed up again, and chkdsk cannot fix it anymore.

Xubuntu still is able to see the volume, but many of the file- & folder names are corrupt, as are some of the files too.. So no joy.

Short of buying another usb-hdd adapter(and crossing my fingers it'll work), is there anything else I can try before that?