A couple of years ago I found a great online tutorial on how to partition a usb drive so that *buntu is installed on one half and the other partition is reserved for storage... in cases where it's necessary for Windows to access the contents of the "storage" partition. I followed the instructions and it has worked perfectly for well over a year- probably close to 2 years now. Unfortunately, the drive has seen better days and needs to be retired. I have a new drive but can not find the tutorial I originally used and am having difficulty finding a tutorial that fits my scenario as bookmarks tend to get lost or misplaced over time.

Any help with this would be very much appreciated.

I'm currently using a Windows computer (first time in YEARS) because my Ubuntu computer died. I have partitioned the new drive to match the scheme of the old one:

partition 1 (10gb) for storage: primary drive(not logical). partition appears in my computer with drive letter assigned.

partition 2 (20gb) for OS: primary drive(not logical).
drive does not show in my computer (but neither does the other, old drive).

I'd like to install the OS on the second partition so I can use the first half interchangeably between OS environments for storage but that second partition is not showing up using Windows Disk Imager in order to install the OS.

I can't recall how I made it work the first time and at this point, I'm stuck.
Please help if you can.