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Thread: Remember EasyPeasy? Would you like it to live on?

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    Re: Remember EasyPeasy? Would you like it to live on?

    Yes I remember in 2010 using Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook on my Asus eeePC, the classic one with 4GB SDD. At that time working abroad, I used it as a kind of desktop with a cheap ($15) second hand 15" LCD display, a 16GB SD card and a 40GB USB disk. When in my apartment(hotel), I did not touch my work laptop with Vista. Nowadays I still look at it from time to time in Virtualbox.

    I probably would use it on my old P-III laptop, that my wife is using in her small restaurant to play music. I would prefer it over Lubuntu. After remembering that GUI, I might re-install 10.04.
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