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Thread: Using wine to run Internet Explorer

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    Re: Using wine to run Internet Explorer

    Quote Originally Posted by MadmanRB View Post
    Actually it does work pretty well as it is not just a front end, it actually does help install some program libraries wine cant install on its own so it makes installing things like IE8 a whole lot easier.
    Its a more automated process as opposed the endless tedium of installing all kinds of libraries to get wine to work.
    Same thing with Crossover office, it is also a front end to WINE that helps patch certain apps so they can work inside the wine environment.
    Dont let your wine experience scare you away from trying one of its front ends, as often times the front ends work better.
    OK, installed PlayOnLinux, and try to install IE8 from it, but it says: IE8 won't work with PlayOnLinux 4.0.14. Please update.

    I installed PlayOnLinux from Ubuntu Software Center (12.04 LTS). How to upgrade it?

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