Hi all,

I'm trying to build a lan network for a small group of my university and I need to set up nfsv4 + openldap (kerberos is optional, thanks god). I've started with ubuntu and system administration the last week, but I'm spending too many hours since then. So, this is the problem:

I'm testing with three VM's:
- 12.04 Ubuntu Server LTS
- 11.04 ubuntu Desktop (Client1)
- 11.04 Ubuntu Desktop (Client2)

I've created two LDAP users (ldapu and ldapu2) and I can login successfully on the Client1, running nfs4 and automount homes without problem. But there is something wrong with the Client2:
- I can login with LDAP user, but a bit time later three kinds of errors appears:

How can I fix it?
Thanks all and apologizes for my english.