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Thread: Minecraft mouse issue

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    Minecraft mouse issue

    Hello fellow Ubuntu users,

    Today I tried to install Minecraft on my Ubuntu x64 system and now i've got a problem with my controls in game.

    I can launch and enter a game but when i move my mouse the view starts turning in every direction. I'm about 100% sure that this occurs due to the mouse actually leaving the screen so the pointer actually stays on the side/top/bottom. This is confirmed by the fact that I have a limited view angle when I play in fullscreen mode (because the pointer cannot go further to the side/top/bottom).

    Knowing what causes this problem is helpful but when I tried searching for common problems I didn't find anything useful.

    Additional notes:

    • I've installed java from oracle NOT the open JDK or something like that;
    • Because after logging in a black screen occured I updated LWJGL manually (
    • Using Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit
    • Running Ubuntu in VMware (newest VMware tools installed)


    Thanks in advance,

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