I would also like to register a thumbs-up for System76.

I'm typing this on a Starling5 netbook. It's currently the only box I have, as the last of three used ThinkPads in a row went belly-up last weekend. This little machine has done well by me, though it has occasionally has a weird habit of randomly shutting itself off, and though the Sentelic Finger-sensing pad (outside I think of S76's own drivers for it -- I jettisoned Ubuntu early on) is, well, a tool of Satan. ;^)

Since I'm in need of a computer, I considered System76 for a full-size laptop purchase, but ultimately went with another vendor. The reasons aren't really important here -- they have nothing to do in my case with the quality of the company but more in matters of taste and approach and other imponderables. Plus I was curious about the other company's wares. I may well order another System76 machine somewhere down the road. I like the company and wish them the best.


Glenn Becker