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    organizing my system

    Here is a screenshot of my Lubuntu 12.04 desktop. You will notice that I added a panel to the bottom with apps that I use every day. I find that this looks kind of junky and would like a better way to present the icons. I also need to add folders that I frequently access as well.

    What would you recommend as a low resource solution? I know about Docky and Cairo-Dock but it seems that they need composting to work properly and require valuable resources. I am trying to keep this as simple as possible because the machine I am running this on isn't the fastest, if you know what I mean.

    It's a Dell 3000 desktop. Intel Celeron 2.66GHZ. 2GB RAM.

    Aside from using Puppy Linux, I am looking for an alternate OS that can approach the speed of Puppy Linux. So far Lubuntu seems to be the closest yet. Ny other ideas for a snappy distro that would fit nicely with my computer, please let me know.

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